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About my blog: I’ve written two sections for each blog post; Nurse Talk and Survivor Speak. Each post describes thoughts and perspectives I have gained over the years from working as an oncology nurse and from being a cancer patient. My desire is that these posts will be both informative and inspirational for health care professionals and cancer patients alike. It is from these experiences and hope that I have drawn to write my book Both Sides of the Bedside


The “Nurse Talk” blogs are based on my reflections as an oncology nurse and might include some medical reference information.

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The bond that forms when people are touched in the middle of their tragedy by a survivor’s story is a beautiful thing. I hope my “Survivor Speak” reflections offer insight and comfort to those battling cancer.

These Blog Posts are based on material that is in my book and based on my own experiences as an oncology nurse and cancer patient. I am not giving medical advice, just offering my opinions and experiences. Consult your health care team for medical advice.

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