Patience for Patients


I remember telling patients when I worked on the bone marrow transplant unit, It takes time and patience to heal. Since your immune system has been destroyed by chemotherapy and radiation, it takes time to get your new bone marrow to grow again. It’s like a garden, we’ve pulled out the bad weeds, planted seeds, and now we have to water it, care for it, and give it time to grow.”


It feels like it’s so easy to destroy things but it takes so long to replant and get the flowers to bloom. It takes water, fertilizer, light, the right soil and, of course, time. For me going through cancer treatment felt like it took forever. In reality it was seven months, but if felt like six years! As I look back on that time it was hard and painful, but really there were good things going on-growth spurts-which have prepared me for where I’m at today. Patience produces strength, endurance, character and inner beauty.

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