Having been an oncology nurse working with patients who undergo harsh and ongoing cancer treatment, I have seen the incredible and indescribable resiliency in human beings. Webster’s Dictionary defines resiliency as “a person who is strong and able to easily recover after a blow.” I have to disagree with some of this definition. Easily recover, I would delete and say be willing to be molded into a new person, whatever their outcome is and whatever they choose to be post treatment. [Collin, P. (Ed.) (2001). Webster’s Pocket English Dictionary Barnes and Noble, Inc.]


As a cancer patient I never thought of the word resilient as a term that fit me going through cancer treatment. Sometimes I got through it minute by minute and sometimes I felt like giving up. But I didn’t. Every cancer patient is resilient and battles the storm, no matter what the outcome results in. Maybe the new definition for resilient should be, being able to endure with hope and live each day as it comes.

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