Support from Caregivers


Caregivers play a huge role in helping someone through the cancer experience. Working as an oncology nurse, I would see family members (or spouses) at the hospital next to their loved ones for hours and days on end. I would see their tired eyes as they had to juggle work and things at home, while still focusing on their number one priority which was being a support for their loved one with cancer. I have a deep respect and gratitude for family caregivers!


It was a huge adjustment for me to have to depend on people for help. I was used to being independent and managing my own life, until cancer. Then I needed help in so many ways. Allowing others to care for my needs when I couldn’t was a lesson in humility. At first, it felt uncomfortable. Then, I got to the point where I accepted their assistance and support with appreciation. My heart swells with gratitude for my caregivers.

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