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Both Sides Nurse Cancer Survivor Memoir

From Oncology Nurse to Patient, This is How an RN’s Journey with Cancer Began …

[pullquote]“What happens when an oncology nurse is wounded by the bullet of cancer?”[/pullquote]

Oncology Nurse, Christine Magnus Moore, stood by the bedside of cancer patients for many years, caring for them as they endured major surgeries, chemotherapy and even the aftermath of grueling bone marrow transplants.

They fought a battle with an enemy in their bodies: cancer.

Some triumphed and some did not. Fighting for her patients’ health, she thought of herself as a soldier on the battlefield and was amazed at how they dealt with their difficult road and that they often thanked her with a smile.

Photo of Cancer Survivor Chrisinte Magnus Moore during treatment

Some days I felt so ill that I could only get through it one minute at a time …

As connected as she felt to her patients, she didn’t fully comprehend the courage it took to confront cancer every day until she became one of them.

Christine navigates the rough road involved with cancer treatment, experiencing exhaustion beyond belief, debilitating nausea and pain, and other side effects which are overwhelmingly more difficult than she’d ever imagined. Her road is arduous and humbling and she is taxed to her core in every way: emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Photo of Christine Magnus Moore as an oncology nurse

When I was taking care of patients, I had no idea I would soon become a cancer patient myself …

Living on the other side of the bedside, she feels vulnerable when some of the doctors and nurses she’s worked with become her caregivers…on top of all that her love life begins to present challenges as well.

Christine emerges a cancer survivor and gains a profound understanding of the suffering her patients had weathered, discovering that her life has been re-calibrated. She embraces her higher purpose with an amplified vigor and empathy to help others dealing with the disease. Through the darkest of times, she finds that the deepest grief and tears can produce the greatest strength and passion.

Both Sides of the Bedside is getting high praises by cancer patients who use it as a companion book, by caregivers/healthcare providers who want to understand and gain insight of the cancer journey, and by the general public who say they “are unable to put it down.” To read reviews, go to the Book Reviews tab or to Amazon.

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